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FinishLynx Systems

We have created a series of Track and Field timing packaged solutions for every situation – large and small. These packages, which literally contain everything you need, are changing the way people view digital photofinish systems by making it easy to obtain exactly what you need. And because they are all fully upgradeable and modular in design, you can easily upgrade to a higher specification at any time. All you provide is a computer, a printer and a track meet. Lynx Bronze, Silver and Gold systems provide you with everything necessary to manage a track meet: athlete entries, seeding, FAT timing and results plus all you need to turn your printer into an income generator for your school.

The Bronze Solution

Everything you need to get started!

• Manage your entire meet

• Generate funds at 1st meet!

• Easy, accurate, and fast

• No hand timer to find and pay

• Fully automatic timing

• No service provider fee

• Certifiable records and results

• Eliminates disputes

INCLUDES … Monochrome EtherLynx 2000 Camera, Zoom Lens, Cabled Start Sensor, Camera Cabling, Tripod & Mounting Hardware,  FinishLynx Timing Software, LynxPad Meet Management Software, Print Laminator,  50 Laminator Foam Boards

The Silver Solution

Bronze plus color and so much more!

• Full color images

• Rapid focus adjustment

• Easier athlete identification

• Automatic camera alignment

• Remote controled lens

• Quick and accurate alignment

INCLUDES all the features from The Bronze Solution, Plus … Color Option for the EtherLynx 2000, Camera, Remote Control Lens, Remote Control Mount

The Gold Solution

Silver plus wireless and the works!

• Wireless start system

• Finish line display

• Eliminate start cabling issues

• Software photocell

• Faster set-up time

• Auto capture functionality

INCLUDES all the features from The Silver Solutions, Plus … RadioLynx Wireless Start System, Finish Line Alphanumeric Display

The MVP Solution

IAAF compliant equipment for elite level

timing. The ultimate package!

• IAAF compliant wireless starting


• Dual camera digital photo finish

• IAAF Compliant wind gauge

INCLUDES all the features from The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Solutions, Plus … EtherLynx FUSION Camera with a base scan rate of 2000 frames a second, the Fusion Camera raises the level of precision and image resolution to double that of the standard cameras in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packaged solutions.



Bronze Package Components and Info

Silver Package Components and Info

Gold Package Components and Info

MVP Package Components and Info

Product List

  • E39906



    $Call for Pricing

    The Bronze Solution

  • E39903



    $Call for Pricing

    The Silver Solution

  • E39901



    $Call for Pricing

    The Gold Solution

  • E39920



    $Call for Pricing

    The MVP Solution

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