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FieldLynx™ is the world’s first handheld computer for field event scoring and administration. With FieldLynx™ you can connect to LynxPad, or any other compatible meet management software, to obtain a list of competitors in an event, keep track of the order of competition, enter results, score the event, and then upload the results back to your main computer – all without anyone retyping any information.

FieldLynx now has the ability to communicate with a range of other devices simultaneously through its single serial port by connecting it to a SeriaLynx unit.

When used with SeriaLynx units a FieldLynx handheld can control a LaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement device, a compatible wind gauge, and scoreboards or infield displays. By operating the SeriaLynx units on an AirLynx wireless network, the whole communication process can be done wirelessly.

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    Handheld Computer for Field Events

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