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Eagle Eye Pro

An Industry Revolution

Eagle Eye Pro uses specialized software and high speed camera technology to produce a revolutionary video timing system The result is a versatile 3 in one system that can be used throughout the entire year.

Eagle Eye Pro 100 goes beyond the limitation of older  line-scan systems designed specifically for track and field. Use Pro 100 in the fall for cross country, in the winter and spring for track and field and year around as a high speed video capture and analysis system for athletes of all sports.

Eagle Eye’s high speed video is accurate, never distorted and always in view. With a colour camera and wireless start and laptop computer as standard equipment Eagle Eye Pro pricing is an industry ‘game-changer.’ Compare and save thousands!

3 In-ONE. One of a Kind

  1. Track & Field F.A.T. Timing
  2. Cross Country TIming
  3. High Speed Video Analysis
  • Meets New NCAA Requirements
  • Save Thousdands
  • An industry First
  • A True One of a Kind
  • Amazing New Software
  • Works with All Starating Shells
  • WIreless Trigger System

Product List

  • PRO100B




    Eagle Eye Pro 100

  • PRO100A




    Eagle Eye Pro 100 w/o Computer

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