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Jump Start Athletics - About Us

Mission Statement

When asked.”What is JSA?” we respond, “A company where two athletes allowed their passion to become their job.” JumpStart offers over 40 years of knowledge and experience in Track and Field. JSA is an equipment dealer for Polanik, Gill Pacer and UCS, to name a few. We carry Track and Field products from all major brands, but concentrate on JSA Polanik.

JumpStart Athletics was a brainstorm of Ian Maplethorpe and Cory Choma. Tired of having a difficult time finding quality equipment, we decided to research and create our own import company. Presently, JumpStart imports from Europe and Asia, and has quickly become an important player in the growing needs of the Track and Field industry. Ian is now the sole owner of JumpStart and has taken the business to the next level.

JSA Polanik carries throwing equipment, hurdles, blocks and high jump standards. Polanik is relatively new to North America. JumpStart Has been introducing this line in Canada with great success! The high-level JSA Polanik equipment is IAAF certified and were the implements of choice in the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton.

JumpStarts philosophy is to actively reach out to athletes, to become business people, and open up new markets, to sell a range of equipment that satisfies the entire market-place. JSA recognizes the void in the current financial rewards of Track and Field. Once Collegiate eligibility is completed, a financial gap exist until World Class competition opens doors for financial compensation. This ‘gap’ leaves many athletes without the financial resources to continue doing what they love, competing. To assist the Track and Field athletes, JSA employs high level/profile athletes in our office and for marketing our product line.

JSA has become a key supplier in Western and Central Canada. Presently we are looking to expand our market within the United States. Our Sales team, all athletes, ensures a high level of product knowledge, not only with respect to specifications, but with familiar use of the equipment. If you are a passionate gambler take a look at newfoundland casinos canada. It’s the best province for players from Canada!

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Using JSA Polanik products will allow you to become part of a business that is not just a source of quality Track and Field equipment but one that is also an important part of the Cult of Track and Field. Contact us at if you would like to join our team. Attractive compensation package for the right athlete.

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